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Prevue Pet King's Castle Cat Tower

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Product description

Prevue Pet Products King's Castle is the perfect cat furniture for felines who like to have perching areas, places to nap and multiple scratching posts – all in one regal spot. There are two velvety soft pillows sitting atop a castle, which can be used for surveying their kingdom or taking a well-deserved nap. If they prefer to retreat to a more private accommodation, the cozy hideaway provides them with a secure spot. You will enjoy watching your kitty engage in energetic activity – playing with plush pom poms and leaping from majestic platforms. Jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors while encouraging exercise as your cat scratches and stretches, grooms nails and strengthens their paws.

Our whimsical King's Castle design in gray, light blue and bold shades of fuchsia is a multi-level, multi-purpose cat tower that is sure to add a delightful presence to any room! Prevue Pet Products King's Castle 7352 measures 37 3/4" long, 16" wide, 40 3/8" high. Home opening is 6" wide by 8” high.

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