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Prevue Pet King's Court Cat Tower

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Product description

Prevue Pet Products King's Court gives your pet a regal spot to rest and play. Two velvety soft pillows sitting atop this castle-themed furniture provides the perfect place for your cat to sleep, lounge and survey their kingdom! Watch your kitties engage in energetic activity – playing with plush pom poms and leaping from the majestic platforms. Jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors and saving your sofa.

This plush cat furniture encourages exercise as your cat scratches, stretches, grooms nails and strengthens their paws. Three cozy hideaways give your cats a designated space to relax.  Ideal for multiple-cat homes, our whimsical King's Court in gray, light blue and bold shades of fuchsia is a multi-level, multi-purpose cat tower that is sure to add a delightful presence to any room!

Prevue Pet Products King's Court measures 37 3/4" long, 16" wide, 46" high. Home opening is 7" diameter.