About us

Noah’s Ark started with three sisters, a desire to fill a gap in the animal services provided on the island and our father’s encouragement to start a business in a field that we were both compassionate and knowledgeable about.

That was over 25 yrs ago and we are still going strong.  We based our business on providing quality, fresh horse feeds and expanded our offering by responding to our customer’s needs. We have customers who have been with us from the very start and every day we meet new customers and their pets who become part of the Noah’s Ark family. 

Today we offer Bermuda’s best selection of quality pet foods and we sell everything you need to keep your pets healthy and happy. Our offering includes everything from elk antler dog chews to aquarium fish from our 1000 gallons of display tanks!  

You can count on us to research the latest in animal care products and bring you the products that can make you and your pet’s life easier and more fun! If you have cats, dogs, birds, small animals, fish, poultry, goats or horses, Noah’s Ark is the place for you.  Come in and look around.  Pets are always welcome!