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West Paw Sailz Dog Toy Lg

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The Sailz is the newest take on your dog's favorite high-flying disc. Made responsibly with Seaflex® this disc was inspired by disc golf shapes in order to fly far and true! Durable and lightweight with a center hole to make it easier for dogs to pick it up and bring back for another toss.  

This brightly-colored dog chew toy promotes exercise and is fetchable, flingable and float-worthy.

This bouncing dog tug toy floats in water and durable to keep up with playful pups and senior dogs.


West Paw is committed to decreasing the environmental footprint—er, pawprint.

West Paw has incorporated thoughtful design into their eco-friendly, easy-clean toys.

Everthing is manufactured with care using safe, sustainable materials that are better for the earth, for their workers, and for your pets. They make long-lasting, lovingly handcrafted products —and always safe for pets, people, and the planet.