SmartyKat Super Scratcher Chaise Corrugate Cat Scratcher

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Product description

SmartyKat® Super Scratcher Chaise™ uses our patent pending process to infuse highly concentrated catnip between each layer of cardboard, so the potent catnip scent is released every time your cat scratches. Additionally, the Super Scratcher Chaise cradles cats for an ideal hangout spot of their own. The instinct to scratch is hard-wired into cats. Cats scratch to mark territory and promote healthy nail growth, tone muscles and even helps alleviate stress. Discovering your cat’s scratching preferences can feel like guesswork. We recommend trying corrugate first because the texture more closely mimics tree bark, one of the most common surfaces felines love digging their claws into in nature. Made in the USA.

  • SUPER SCRATCHERS have each layer of corrugate infused with catnip before the block is formed, ensuring catnip attracts and is released with every scratch, the benefit of catnip with less mess!

  • PROMOTES HEALTHY NAIL GROWTH: Scratch Up offers an ideal place to scratch, and also promotes your cat’s healthy nail growth, tones those muscles and alleviates home-related stressors by leaning into your cat’s natural urges – all without ruining your furniture!

  • MIMICS THE TEXTURE of tree bark, a surface cats are hardwired to scratch in nature

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SHAPE: Corrugate block for long lasting fun,
    floor scratcher for crouching, scratching and lounging

  • CATNIP INFUSED TECHNOLOGY is our patent-pending process of infusing catnip between each layer of corrugate before cutting into a scratcher, ensuring long term attraction for your cat with catnip scent released with every scratch