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Perdue Flockleader Recover Poultry Supplement

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Product description

All birds experience stress, which can weaken their immune systems and have negative effects on your flock. Mild stressors can include starting a new feed, an upset to the social hierarchy, a shift in your flock’s environment, and small injuries.

FlockLeader Recover supports the health, hydration, and recovery of mildly stressed birds to prevent further stress and more permanent damage. Symptoms of mild stress can include panting/rapid breathing, appetite loss, and lifting wings away from body.

Recover includes:

  • Selected strains of probiotics that help maintain and improve a stressed gut
  • Prebiotics to feed the probiotics and other good bacteria in the gut
  • Electrolytes to help stressed birds stay hydrated and allow for quick recovery

Directions for Use: Mix one 0.18-oz package per gallon of water during times of stress or hot weather for 7 consecutive days. Safe for all ages of poultry species.

Each of our FlockLeader probiotic water supplements, like Recover, contain specific strains of bacteria to perform certain functions according to stage of life or stress and sickness factors. Our water supplements are made in the USA with gut-sourced bacteria that can survive and thrive in the gut. These probiotics are protected and preserved through a unique drying process, ensuring the bacteria stay alive and viable throughout their entire shelf life.

Net Wt 1.23 oz, 7 ct Packets

Made in USA