Perdue Flockleader Healthy Coop Litter Additive 12 Lb

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Product description

To most backyard chicken owners, their chickens quickly become part of the family. They are sharing space, which also means there is the potential to share germs. A flock’s surroundings, like wet or smelly bedding and dirty feet, undersides, and eggs, can have a direct impact on the health and well-being of the owners, even the youngest family members.

FlockLeader Healthy Coop is a litter additive that provides a unique combination of probiotics, moisture scavengers, and organic acid to help protect the flock and the family.

Healthy Coop is formulated with:

  • Selected strains of probiotics to help promote the growth of good bacteria and neutralize odor
  • Zeolite, a porous rock that absorbs moisture, which can limit microbial growth
  • Acidifiers to help neutralize smells and limit microbial growth

Directions for Use: Sprinkle around nesting and roosting areas weekly, or as needed (2 cups = 60 sq ft of coverage). Safe for all ages of poultry species.

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