MidWest Spree Travel Carrier For Small Dogs And Cats

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Product description

Spree™ Pet Carrier

Fun, Functional, and Secure

  • Perfect for quick rips to the vet, store, or dog park
  • Made of durable, easy to clean polypropylene plastic
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Available in three sizes and three fun colors
  • Secure wire door


  • Patented 5-step Assembly, no tools required
  • Designed to provide maximum air circulation and visibility
  • Removable leak-proof plastic pan makes cleaning easy
  • Easy open door can swing open in either direction


The MidWest Spree™ Travel Carrier is the perfect solution for taking your small dog, cat, or any small animal, on the go. The built-in carrying handle makes it ideal for travel and the ventilated sides and door allow your pet to peak outside while keeping cool.

The Spree™ Travel Carrier is available in three sizes and three fun, fashion colors. If your furry friend has an accident, clean up is a breeze. Just spray out with water or wipe with a wet cloth and a mild, pet-safe cleaner.



Item Dimensions  
Length 18.67 in
Height 12.6 in
Width 12.41 in
Pet Sizing  
Pet Weight Max 7 lbs lb(s)
Pet Weight Min 1 lb lb(s)
Breed Size Toy



Item Dimensions  
Length 21.66 in
Height 13.98 in
Width 14.18 in
Pet Sizing  
Pet Weight Max 11 lbs lb(s)
Pet Weight Min 7 lbs lb(s)
Breed Size Extra Small