Dicky Bag

Dicky Bag Hugo Neo-Skin

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Product description

A lightweight, neoprene, machine washable, versatile bag. Where the only limit to what is does is measured by the user’s imagination.

On the back of the bag the webbing is attached to create 3 smaller belt loops and finished off with robust D-rings which means by using the strap supplied or the Velcro One Wrap you can easily attach this bag to pushchairs, wheelchairs, bikes and even saddles. It also means the wearer can choose to use it as a shoulder bag, bum bag, rucksack or thread it onto another belt.

Due to the waterproof, malleable and temperature controlled properties of neoprene, it makes storing items easy and safe, giving you peace of mind, whether you’re on the beach, by the poolside, on a mountain, an especially muddy walk or simply taking a breather at the park. It has a large main compartment and a detachable purse enabling you to keep small or important items separate.

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