Curli Luumi Safety LED Light 2-pack

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Product description

From our outdoor activities we know headlamps. On the one hand, they help us see where we are going and on the other, help us to be seen. When we developed an LED light for dogs, we bore the same safety requirements in mind when we set about designing it. It had to be light enough to be used on very young dogs.
In addition, you can attach it where it makes the most sense – be it on the collar, leash or harness. Another requirement of luumi was that it does not give up the ghost even in the heaviest rain or snow. For this, we constructed the silicone shell. We are very proud of the result that is luumi – it’s small, light and flexible.


Comes with:
2 x luumi LED‘s including batteries
6 x Silicone bands to mount anywhere

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