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Kong Teaser Butterfly Cat Toy Multi

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Product description

KONG Butterfly Teaser will make your cat’s heart flutter! The adjustable ribbon design offers a variety of playstyles from interactive to solo play by attaching it to your finger, a doorknob, handle, or hook. The colorful, dangling ribbons will invite swatting and chasing, while the crackling sound of the butterfly’s wings spark your cats natural prey instincts to pounce and bat. Whether you are at home or out and about, the Butterfly Teaser will keep your cat entertained and exercising throughout the day!

  • Dangling, colorful ribbons encourage batting play
  • Adjustable ribbon attaches to finger or doorknob
  • Butterfly wings crackle for increased interaction
  • Interactive or solo play options
  • Spritz with catnip spray to extend playtime