Jiminy Peanut Puffs Treat 4.2 Oz

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Product description

Jiminy’s new Peanut Puffs are an exciting new form with a mouth feel that dogs love – crunchy yet melts in mouth! These delicious puffs are made with simple, recognizable ingredients including crickets for a protein boost! Not only are they delicious, but the light, airy, crunchy texture makes them fun to eat. Flavored with peanuts and a bit of banana for a touch of sweetness!

  • Low Calorie – 2 calories per treat
  • High Protein – over 22% protein
  • Simple, recognizable ingredients
  • Human Grade – share the experience with your pooch!
  • Each 4.2 oz bag contains about 100 treats for plenty of crunchy goodness
  • Sustainable! Made with cricket protein, this protein requires less land, water and emits almost no greenhouse gases when compared to other protein sources



Corn Meal, Lentil, Fava Bean, Rice Flour, Crickets, Sunflower Oil, Peanut Flour, Dried Banana