Injoya Lobster Snuffle Mat

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Product description

Cure your dog's boredom with a fun and interactive Injoya Snuffle Mat! Injoya offers both snuffle toys and mats for your dog to play with! Makes playtime special, engaging, and energetic! These snuffle mats provide mental enrichment and stimulate your pet's senses. They also make perfect slow-feeders. Made with high-quality durable materials. Exercises both your pet's body and mind. Great for boredom, anxiety, stress, and more. Ideal for dogs who gulp their food and treats to slow down eating. Makes your pup work for their reward! For dogs of all ages and sizes! Specially picked by the Pet Beastro for your dog's extraordinary playtime!


Cleaning: It's recommended to clean plush toy in the washer machine on a gentle wash cycle

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