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Gaines Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treat 8 oz

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Product description

If you’re looking for a healthy treat, you can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries for dogs. Our sweet potato fries are soft, rich in nutrients, and have a great taste that will keep your pup coming back for more.

Safe & Healthy Dog Treat

No chemical or additives are used in the production of our sweet potato chips. Our sweet potato fries are grain-free with no salt, grain, dye, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. This eliminates risk for allergic reactions and other health problems for your dog.

All Natural, One Ingredient

Made with just one ingredient, these sweet potato snacks are ideal for your pup! They’re packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, they offer a range of health benefits. Low in fat but high in Vitamin A and C, these treats can boost your dog's immunity while also promoting overall wellness.

Family-Owned, Made in the USA

Gaines Family Farmstead's healthy treats start with sweet potatoes grown in the southern US. They’re taken to the nearby food-grade manufacturing facility. There, they are sliced and dehydrated to preserve the freshness and natural flavor. When you select Gaines Family Farmstead snacks, you can be certain of the quality, origin, and ingredients – every time!

Good For All Breeds

No matter what size your pup is, we've got treats for them! Sweet potato fries for dogs are easily digested and their natural ingredients make them a healthy treat for small dogs and big dogs.

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