Fluval Bio CO2 Refill Pack

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Product description

The Bio-CO2 Pro Refill Pack includes several pre-measured Activator yeast sachets and Booster tablets to quickly and conveniently kickstart the biological fermentation process in Fluval Bio- CO2 Pro systems.

  • Designed for use will all Fluval Bio- CO2 Pro Low-Pressure CO2 Systems
  • Produces CO2 within a short 24-hour period (when mixed with sugar – sold separately)
  • Each Refill pack includes: 4 Activator Yeast sachets and 4 Booster tablets
  • High-quality German Champagne yeast with stabilizers and nutrients for consistent quality
  • Pre-measured for simple and accurate dosing
  • Each Refill Pack provides long-lasting CO2 supply: Model 125 (up to 4 months), Model 250 (up to 2 months), Model 500 (up to 1 month)