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Coastal Pet No Slip Martingale Collar with Buckle

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Product description

Ensure a reliable and secure fit for your pup with the No! Slip® Martingale Adjustable Dog Collar with Buckle. This innovative collar features a responsive limited closure buckle that adjusts perfectly to your dog's size, eliminating the frustrating issue of slipping collars. The unique design of the buckle ensures that it won't become too tight, providing both security and comfort for your furry friend. The No! Slip® Martingale Adjustable Dog Collar is especially well-suited for dogs that tend to easily slip out of regular collars. Breeds with necks and heads close in size, such as greyhounds, often experience this problem. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you can choose the perfect-fitting collar to stop the slipping and keep your pup secure on walks and outings.

  • No slipping with a unique limited closure buckle.
  • Responsive buckle ensures collar is never too tight.
  • Secure, comfortable fit and feel.
  • Sizes available for any dog.
  • Perfect for dogs who regularly slip through collars.

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