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Coastal Pet Lil Pals Adjustable Patterned Dog Collar

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Product description

Elevate your small companion's style and comfort with the Li'l Pals® Adjustable Patterned Dog Collar! No matter if you have a brand-new puppy or a petite dog, this collar's adjustable design ensures a perfect and secure fit. Your furry friend will relish the comfort provided by the curved, snap-lock buckle, and you'll appreciate the ease of securing it effortlessly. As with all collars, it's essential to remember not to use this collar for tie-outs, prioritizing your pet's safety. Explore our diverse selection of fun and stylish designs to discover the perfect accent that complements your pooch's personality and style with the Li'l Pals® Adjustable Patterned Dog Collar.

  • Offers small dogs a secure fit with adjustable design.
  • Comfortable design with curved, snap-lock buckle.
  • Stylish pop of color with bright patterned designs.
  • Easy-to-snap buckle offers added convenience.
  • Durable, long-lasting design.

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