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Boyd Chemi-Pure Grande 40 Oz

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Product description

Safely bring the beauty of the aquatic world into your living room with the Chemi-Pure Filter Media from Boyd. Fluctuating pH levels and pollution can be dangerous for fish and aquarium life, but Chemi-Pure helps to keep your tank's pH levels steady and safe. It also works to keep your water clear while helping to filter out phosphates, silicates, and more. You may even see fewer nuisance algae in your habitat and watch your fish enjoy a better appetite!

Key Benefits:
Helps you maintain a stable pH level in your tank, cultivating an ideal environment for fish.
Designed to filter out phosphates, silicates, copper, dissolved organic waste, and more.
Supports your fishes' appetite and encourages a longer lifespan.
Works to keep your aquarium water crystal clear and clean.
Mimics a natural aquatic environment, which can promote a positive neurological reaction in fish.