Boxiecat Boxie Cat Air Litter Extra Strength 6.5 lb

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The Proof is in the Barley. Boxiecat Air Lightweight, Extra Strength, Premium Clumping Litter is light on what you don't want but mighty on what you need because we believe you should enjoy a lightweight, plant-based litter without sacrificing performance. AirTight clumps trap odors, are easy to scoop, and don't fall apart. An AirTight clump = a cleaner litter box. Enjoy an ultra clean litter box while saying goodbye to heavy litter, odors, and dust. Boxiecat Air is made with barley, renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and made in the USA. Advanced probiotic odor control instantly targets odors anytime waste is present and AirTight clumps trap bacterial and ammonia odors so they cant escape. Also recommended for cats on a rich protein diet. Probiotics eliminate odors before they start 60% lighter than clay litter. Easy to lift and pour. Made with non-GMO barley. Renewable, sustainable, USA sourced