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Bold By Nature ComplEat Frozen Raw Dog Food Chicken

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Product description

A complete & balanced diet for your pet’s well-being. Our ComplEat Raw Bowls Chicken Dinner for dogs is made up of chicken meat, bones, organs, and veggies to help your dog thrive. Get ready to serve up some drool-worthy meals!

ComplEat Raw Bowls Chicken Dinner for Dogs

How to Serve

  • Keep food frozen. When ready, thaw the necessary portion in the fridge. Patties and sliders will thaw within 12 hours (approximately)
  • Store all unused portions in the fridge. Raw food should be used within 4 days.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Handle all raw meat with appropriate care and hygiene. Wash all surfaces, bowls and utensils with hot, soapy water.



  • 8 oz of 1 oz sliders (8 sliders)
  • 3lbs of 1 oz sliders (48 sliders)
  • 6 lbs of 8 oz patties (12 patties)
  • 18 lbs of 8 oz patties (36 patties)



Chicken, chicken heart, skinless chicken necks, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, chicken bone broth, organic zucchini, organic broccoli, organic green collards, organic carrots, fish oil blend (blend of cod liver oil, salmon oil and pollock oil), goat milk, wheat grass, kelp.


Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture (max) 71.00%
Protein (min) 16.00%
Fat (min) 10.00%
Fiber (max) 0.20%
Ash (max) 2.40%
Kcal/kg 1424 Kcal/kg
Approx Kcal/ 1 oz slider 40 Kcal/oz
Approx Kcal/ 8 oz patty 323 Kcal/8 oz
Carbohydrates (max) 1.2%


Why Raw?

We believe pet food should be food. Our recipes are designed to model the natural prey diet that cats and dogs would have eaten in the wild; full of meats and fresh veggies that are made without added processes and are unproblematic to their digestive systems.

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