Benebone Zaggler

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Product description

Dogs love to chew, especially on stuff that tastes like real bacon or peanut butter. They also love a good game of chase. Enter the Zaggler.

The Zaggler likes to roll around and play chase. Infused with real peanuts or bacon, this chew is constantly on the move.

Ingredients: Nylon and Real Bacon or Real Peanut Butter.


Size Suggested Pet Size Dimensions Weight
Tiny Under 15 lbs 4.3 in x 1.8 in 2.0 oz
Small Under 30 lbs 5.5 in x 2.0 in 4.3 oz
Medium Under 60 lbs 6.8 in x 2.5 in 6.8 oz
Large Under 90 lbs 7.5 in x 2.8 in 9.7 oz
Giant Over 90 lbs 8.8 in x 3.0 in 13.8 oz

Always choose the largest product your dog can handle, even if you have a dog rated for the smaller size.