Aquatop Glass Aquarium Scraper 14 In

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Product description

AQUATOP's Aquarium Scraper is designed for use in glass aquariums (not safe for acrylic aquariums) to manually remove even the most stubborn algae from the glass viewing panels.
  • Easy to use heavy-duty glass scraper.
  • For fresh and saltwater use.
  • Rubber non-slip grip with a strong no-flex handle.
  • Removes Algae and cleans glass.
  • Long handle keeps hands dry. 


  • For glass aquariums only, do not use on acrylic aquariums.
  • Use caution when scrubbing glass near the substrate not to allow any sand or gravel between the scrubber and the aquarium wall. This may cause scratching.
  • Always rinse the aquarium scrubber under freshwater from the faucet after each use.

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