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Sweet Meadow Farm All Timothy Hay Rabbit Pellet 8 Lb

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Product description

Rabbit All Timothy Pellets – Nutritious and delicious, Sweet Meadow Farm Timothy Pellets Adult Rabbit Food is specifically formulated for your adult bunny’s nutritional needs. The timothy hay in this rabbit feed helps provide the essential fiber your bunny pal needs to maintain digestive health. It’s also low in protein and calcium, which is important for rabbits who are older and less active. Ideal for adult bunny pals over nine months old, this feed is designed to help keep your adult bunny in tip-hop shape!


Key Benefits

  • This high-quality, premium rabbit feed is specifically formulated to support the nutritional needs of your adult bunny.
  • Made with fiber-rich timothy hay, which helps maintain the health of your pal’s digestive system.
  • Low in protein and calcium, which is important for older, less active bunnies.
  • An ideal feed for rabbits older than 9 months of age.

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