Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Discus Cubes 3.5 oz

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Product description

Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Discus

Revolutionary Formulation Food For All Types Of Discus

Developed to offer a wide variety of Protein Sources while providing balanced nutrition to duplicate a beef heart meal.

Shrimp and Spirulina are included to provide excellent color enhancing capacity and natural flavor. Bloodworms mixed with the formulated stick speeds acceptance.

3 Step Sterilized

  • Free of harmful bacteria
  • Free of harmful parasites
  • Free of foul odors

Fortified With Multi-Vitamins

  • Vitamins included in formulated stick
  • Provides superior nutrition for your discus

Processed Through Hikari's Mega-Power Freezer

  • Retains natural color
  • Retains natural shape
  • Retains nutritional benefits


Feed no more than your fish will consume within 30-45 seconds no more than twice daily. Avoid over-feeding as it can cause water quality issues. For other feeding options ask your retailer about our Hikari formulated and Bio-Pure FD diets.
NOTE: Handling frozen food that is derived from a live animal can cause the same allergic reaction possible by handling the live animal itself. To avoid potential problems, always thoroughly wash your hands immediately after use and before any contact with your nose, eyes or mouth. Always avoid any contact with open wounds.